• Q: My partner had back surgery and between the hospital bills with crazy prices, a copay to see the doctors, and our deductible we may have to sell our house to pay for it all. How can you help us? 

    • A: No one should be crushed into poverty from getting needed medical care. Chris supports creating a single payer system that covers all medical expenses. Imagine, no copays, no deductibles, no high drug prices to worry about. 

  • Q: I have chronic depression and anxiety. Seeing a therapist and psychiatrist helps but the drugs and visits are so expensive I can’t go regularly. How can you help me? 

    • A: Under Chris’ plan for a single payer system, mental health is included. Mental health has been a stigma for too long. Everyone needs mental health services accessible to them whenever they need, which would help reduce suicide rates, homelessness, and have other positive outcomes for our society.